Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Starts...

I have been overwhelmed at the prayers that have been offered already as a result of my creating this blog. Keep 'em coming!

I received my first monetary gift of support today, and the person who contributed did so for a reason that I think you all should know...

This trip to Cambodia is not your typical "go-for-one-week-and-never-see-the-people-again" type of mission trip. This trip is meant to connect young, Christian leaders in Cambodia with young, Christian leaders here in the West Ohio Conference. It is our hope that some of them will come to Ohio in 2012 to continue their leadership training, and bring some of the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ to people in Ohio. This trip is unique and exciting, and one of my friends from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio has pledged to support me and the team with whom I will be travelling. It means so much to me that a student like myself would make a generous monetary gift when all I asked this person for was prayers.

God is already working on and in my heart for this trip. I have begun praying daily for the team and for the people that we will meet in Cambodia. Please join me in that prayer!!

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