Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday

So, it is the week of my birthday...

after meeting with the team, I find my mind wandering to the work we will do alongside the Christians in Cambodia. What that inevitably leads to, however, is worry about the money to make the trip happen. I know it is ridiculous to worry, but I'm human... what can I say?

I try to sink back into that prayerful thinking. I offer prayers for the children who will slide down a slide put into place by the hands of our team. I pray for the young woman who will make choices about her body after hearing about how much God cares for her. I pray for the youth who will tell his friends about how Jesus changed his life. I pray for my own heart and for the heart of the people on my team who will experience a deeply painful history and the hope for a different future.

All of this is my prayer, and I unashamedly beg for it to be yours as well. I hope that you will pray for all of these things and many more.

And in the midst of praying, ponder supporting this wonderful team and the people of Cambodia.
For my birthday, would you consider donating $25? One dollar for every year of my life. You can donate on this site or you can email/facebook/text/call/write me. And if you can't afford $25, know that any gift you could make would be hugely appreciated by myself and by the team that I will travel with.

And also, if you would, leave a comment or send me an email annaguillozet (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know how I can be praying for you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Initial Team Meeting

Our team met for the first time today (well, most of us).

I am so excited for the mission God has called each one of us to. I will post more details about what was discussed, etc. when I get more time to write.

What I want to share was a portion of what my friend, Julia, prayed at the close of the meeting.

Julia prayed for all of the team that was gathered in the room, and then she prayed for all of the team members who were not present, including all the people with whom we will be doing ministry in Cambodia.

I am so excited to be doing ministry with the people in Cambodia, and I hope that you'll be in ministry with all of us as well. Please pray for the team, and prayerfully consider donating to make this ministry a reality.